Private Investigators
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Commercial Investigation

We can provide discreet business investigations. Our services range from legal investigations to staffed security and vehicle tracking. Whatever the business problem you have we will do our utmost to help solve it for you with little or no disruption to your business.

Common Services

Process Serving:

We will serve your court papers and legal documents. Professionally and promptly served, our standard fee is fixed at just £100 + VAT. We ensure all serves comply with current legislation and include  the required proof of service. Legally aided work undertaken at current rates.

Legal Investigation Services:

Offering a range of services at fixed fees to get the results for you and your clients.

Debtor Tracing:

Has a client or tenant left owing you money. Our databases can provide you with an up to date address. No find/No fee.

Vehicle tracking:

We use GPS to report on a vehicle’s location every 10 seconds anywhere within the UK. A full report will be provided at the end of a tracking period


We can discreetly track the person of your choice providing you with a documented account of their movements. Photographs and videos can also be supplied as evidence

Counter Surveillance:

We can locate and remove wired and wireless spy cameras and hidden bugs from your office home or vehicle

Risk assessment:

We can identify vulnerabilities to your business premises offering advice on how to counter act the risk

Employee absenteeism:

Do you suspect your employee is lying about illness or injury for time off work? We can provide you the relevant evidence

Background and Criminal checks:

Make sure you know exactly who you’re employing

Debt recovery:

No recovery, no fee. A percentage of the debt recovered is taken for our fees

Staffed security:

Our staff are fully trained and licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority) and fully insured

Executive couriers:

Do you have an item that needs extra secure delivery? We will personally collect and deliver your item from door to door worldwide


Statements, CFA sign-ups, document completion and investigations

Discreet Service Provided

files being handed between two people

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