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Personal Investigation

Discreet  Service Provided

We can provide you with covert and overt personal private investigations. Whether it's a missing family member or someone you suspect of benefit fraud, we will help you in every way possible.

Do you need the peace of mind only gained from private investigation?


Common Services:

Process Serving:

We will serve your court papers and legal documents. This will be done professionally and promptly and at a fixed rate of £100 + VAT. We will keep you updated at all times and ensure your needs and current legislation are met at all times and provide the necessary proof of service.


Private Investigation Services



We can discreetly track the person of your choice providing you with a documented account of their movements. Photographs and videos can also be supplied as evidence.


Benefit Fraud:

Suspect your neighbour of fraud? We will investigate and provide evidence of all kinds of

benefit fraud.



We can locate and remove wired and wireless spy cameras and hidden bugs from your home or vehicle.


Matrimonial issues:

Is your partner or family member behaving strangely? Do you suspect them of cheating? Do you need proof of co-habitation? We can investigate and provide you with the evidence you need regarding your partner. In divorce cases, we also provide financial investigations. All information gathered is obtained legally and can be evidenced in court if required.


Trace and locate:

Lost family members? Missing friends? Has your witness disappeared? Has a tenant left owing you money? Our extensive database is constantly updated and can help track them down. We offer a no find, no fee service.


Executive couriers:

Do you have an item that needs extra secure delivery? We will personally collect and deliver your item from door to door worldwide

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We are located in both Yorkshire and London and offer full UK and International coverage. As well as personal private investigation,

we offer commercial investigation services.

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